Início Notícias Franchising brasileiro participará da maior Feira de Franquias dos EUA

Franchising brasileiro participará da maior Feira de Franquias dos EUA

Evento acontecerá em New York de 18 a 20 de junho. Participação de marcas nacionais é iniciativa da ABF e Apex por meio do Projeto Franchising Brazil

Brazilian Franchising Businesses visiting NYC

The Brazilian Franchising Project is an initiative of Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Government Trade and Investment Promotion Agency), in partnership with ABF (Brazilian Franchising Association), to stimulate interest of potential international investors for the Brazilian franchise businesses, developing and opening new Brazilian franchise units in the USA and other markets.

ABF and some Brazilian franchisors will meet at IFE (International Franchise Expo) from June 18-20, 2015 in New York City. This is an excellent opportunity for interested investors to contact Brazilian franchise companies, and discuss future business expansion in NYC or across the USA.

The Brazilian companies, which will be at IFE show 2015 are:

DNA Natural Food – – This is a natural food restaurant franchise, with health food concept. They have their own office already established in NYC.

Emagrecenter – – With 28 years of experience in the health sector, Emagrecenter is currently Brazil’s largest chain of weight loss and aesthetic clinics, and has recently started its international expansion, with branches soon to be opened in Colombia and Miami (USA).

Limpidus – – With 35 years experience in the cleaning service industry, Limpidus is the largest national franchising network in Brazil in this sector. Its franchisees service more than 4,000 companies across 47 metropolitan areas in the country.

Global Franchise – – This is a franchise consulting services company offering more than 20 years-experience in the franchising area, bringing international companies to Brazil and promoting Brazilian companies abroad. The company is already based in Miami city.

If you wish to meet one of these Brazilian companies during IFE show, please contact us through the e-mail [email protected] or through the phone number: +55 11 99945-6182, and we can book a meeting together in our booth #405 at Javits Center show area.

About the Brazilian Market:
The Brazilian franchise market is growing steadily. In the period of 2013-2014 this market grew 7.7%, reaching a turnover of US$ 42.5 billion.

Brazil has 520 sizeable malls, with more than 18,000 businesses (5.3% are franchised), with more than 55,000 stores (34.5% are franchised). More than 100 Brazilian brands are operating in the international market already, being 18.3% from the sport/beauty/health and entertainment sectors. This includes also 18.3% from the personal accessories and footwear sectors, 16.1% from the food industry, 11.8% from the education and training sectors, 9.7% from the clothing sector, 9.7% in the retail and other services sectors.