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Sustainable franchises: discover five Brazilian brands with initiatives aligned with environmental preservation

Sustainable franchises: discover five Brazilian brands with initiatives aligned with environmental preservation

With consumers’ growing concern for nature, which has become even more important after the pandemic, creating sustainable business models has become a priority – according to the research held by the consultant company AlixPartners. With that in mind, investing in franchises which are engaged with environmental causes can be a wise alternative for entrepreneurs who want to create a profitable business without jeopardizing the preservation of the environment.

If you are currently looking for a sustainable franchise to invest in, we selected five excellent Brazilian brands, which participate in Franchising Brasil — the result of a partnership between the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) and the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF) — and make environmental preservation one of their business pillars. Check them out:


With almost 10 years operating in the market, CleanNew is a Brazilian franchise specialized in dry cleaning and upholstery shielding. With an eye on sustainable practices, the brand has developed a technology that involves the upholstery fiber, protecting couches for much longer, which avoids unnecessary washing and generates savings estimated at around one billion liters of water per year. And the concern for the environment goes on: all the used products are biodegradable and their packaging is recyclable.


Acquazero is known as the largest ecological cleaning franchise in the world and operates since 2009. It offers automotive cleaning services and other car care services, such as waxing, polishing, waterproofing, vitrification, among others. In order to avoid the high consumption of water usually required in this activities, the brand’s ecological washing has a unique method: they use only 300 ml of water mixed with biodegradable cleaning products, which dissolve in nature.

Energy Brasil

Being increasingly sought after those who want to reduce their energy bills and by those who are concerned about the environment, the popularity of solar energy is continuously rising. Seeking after these consumers, Energy Brasil, the largest network of photovoltaic energy franchises in the country, offers solar panel installation services for homes, businesses and industries. With a portfolio of renowned suppliers, which guarantee safe choices for franchisees and consumers, the brand has become the most awarded brand in the sector in only 4 years.

Anjos Colchões & Sofás

With more than 30 years of history and currently with more than 280 stores in Brazil and abroad, Anjos Colchões & Sofás is a Brazilian franchise chain focused on mattresses and upholstery. In order to reduce waste during the manufacture of its products, the brand reuses the remaining scraps of cloth to create a mantle that surrounds the area of ​​​​the springs. In addition to ensuring greater durability of the upholstery, the practice also ensures a more correct and safer disposal of this surplus, which could cause damages over several decades in nature.

eiON Mobilidade Sustentável

Electric vehicles are a reality all over the world, but still at prices that are far from most consumers’ reality. Since 2018, eiON, a sustainable mobility franchise, has been offering 100% electric buggies, solar garages and electric vehicle charging stations at more affordable prices. The brand’s focus is currently an app-controlled electric buggy sharing kiosk, which includes the installation, overhaul and maintenance of equipment and vehicles for resorts, hotels, inns, travel agencies, clubs, condominiums and many other places.

About Franchising Brasil

Franchising Brasil is a joint project of the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil), which aims to support the internationalization strategy of Brazilian franchise networks and their international trade promotion. The initiative was conceived to promote this recognized business model in the main international markets.