Franchise market in Brazil


Based on data from the Brazilian Association of Franchising (ABF), 163 Brazilian franchise brands currently operate in 106 countries. Such number shows the growth of the segment in comparison with 2018, when 145 franchise brands operated in 114 countries. The fashion industry is the most representative, with 35 brands. The beauty and personal care industry comes next, with 32 brands, while the food industry holds the third position, with 25 brands. These last two segments, combined with services and other businesses, had significant positive changes from 2018 to 2019.

Brazilian Brands

The United States is still the main destination of Brazilian brands abroad, with 67 franchise brands operating there. Portugal remains the second most important destination, with 44 brands, and Paraguay is the third, with 36 franchise brands. Significant increases in the operation of Brazilian franchises were seen in all countries.

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Foreign networks in Brazil

In the opposite movement, ABF registered the existence of 205 foreign networks operating in Brazil, from 30 countries, an increase of 13% and 25% respectively in relation to the 2018 indicators. The United States maintains the leadership, with 84 of the brands , Portugal remains in the second position, with 20 and Spain comes next, with 16. Food, health, beauty and wellness, fashion and education services are concentrated in the majority of foreign networks.continuación, con 16. Los servicios de alimentación, salud, belleza y bienestar, moda y educación se concentran en la mayoría de las redes extranjeras.

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