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Franchising Brasil is a project for the internationalization of Brazilian franchise brands carried out by means of a partnership between the Brazilian Association of Franchising (ABF) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

During its 15 years of operations, the entity and the entrepreneurs who are members of the project had visited over 40 countries, from all parts of the globe, to participate in the most important fairs in the franchise industry and in international trade and prospective missions. Business internationalization is now a reality in the franchise sector. In 2020, our trade intelligence researches showed that 163 Brazilian brands operate* in at least 106 countries. And that’s just the beginning.

Over 100 companies currently participate in the project. Franchising Brasil helped these companies to get knowledge and experience, as well as to grow and take Brazilian concepts to several parts of the world, thus generating foreign exchange reserves to the country.

The franchise industry stimulates retailing, heats up economy, creates jobs, generates revenue and leads to professional qualification. It’s in that spirit that Brazil introduces to the world its truly national concepts and brands.

*all forms of international operations are considered: company-owned units, franchise-owned units, master franchising, area developer, exports and joint ventures.

About Us