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The experiences and lessons served at the NRA Show

The experiences and lessons served at the NRA Show

The ABF Group receives a series of lectures, goes to the show and makes a guided visit to the concept restaurant.

May 23rd, 2017

ABF delegation in a guided visit to the NCR stand

The biggest food event in the world offers countless experiences and lessons that are being used to the maximum by the ABF Group.

From May 20th, official opening date of the 2017 NRA Show, to this Monday (22nd), the Brazilian delegation’s agenda was dedicated to visits to the show and was full of educational sessions, totaling 18 lectures. Two of them were super-sessions with simultaneous translation: Signature 17 – “Ahead of the Crave”, by Dan Park (Amazon), on Sunday, and “Defying the Curse: how a positive workforce culture thwarted 108 years of futility”, with Tom Ricketts (Chicago Cubs), on Monday.

Among the lessons obtained from the lectures on the 20th, we highlight: Introduction to Generation Z: the latest creator of influent decisions in the world; Transparent Purchase to Satisfy your Customers: sourcing of proteins and sustainable plants; and Brand Buzz: three disruptive secrets to build a winning brand.

As experiências e lições servidas no NRA ShowPanel in the Food Service Global Summit with Dawn Sweeney, CEO of NRA

Empowerment and compliance

On Sunday (21st), the content curators of the ABF Group André Friedheim, João Baptista Junior and Simone Galante participated in the Food Service Retail Summit. An overview of the food industry worldwide was presented in the meeting.

As experiências e lições servidas no NRA ShowThe ABF Group, during the guided visit to the concept restaurant Siena Tavern

The Brazilian delegation also accompanied some conferences, among them: 2017 Menu Trends (with simultaneous translation); Strengthen your Culture of Food Safety and Public Health; Creating Success: empowering leaders of the next generation in your restaurant and Taking your Compliance Operation to a Safety Culture. At night, in another guided visit, the Brazilian delegation was at a dinner offered by Insinkerator/Engefood at the concept restaurant Siena Tavern.

While on the 22nd, one of the group’s highlights at the show was the guided visit to the stand of NCR Hospitality. World leader in omnichannel solutions, NCR presents in the show innovations that aid restaurant operators to transform their operations and build experiences connected to their customers, exceed their expectations and, consequently, boost sales and increase fidelity. At the stand, the Brazilian delegation was able to know sales platform (POS) and desktop systems, to the latest digital signaling used to engage consumers, in addition to other restaurant technologies, including self-service, backoffice solutions, among others.

Some of the main lectures attended were: Main Trends that Shape the Future of Food Service, translated simultaneously; Strategies to Prevent Conflicts in a Multicultural and Multi-generation Work Environment and How to Improve Retention Rate and Engagement through E-learning.

The event ends this Tuesday (23rd), when the delegation from ABF will make a technical visit to the Potbelly Sandwich Shop, conclude the visit to the show and, in the closing meeting, attend a lecture by Technomic.

All the lessons and experiences obtained in the event by the Brazilian delegation will be presented at the 11th ABF Food Service Sector Symposium and Post-NRA Show. The event opens the ABF Franchising Week on June 19th, in Sao Paulo. Vacancies are limited. Register!

Photos: ABF/Disclosure