HomeFranchising BrasilNewsBrazilian delegation composed of 6 companies participates in a mission in Mexico

Brazilian delegation composed of 6 companies participates in a mission in Mexico

Brazilian delegation composed of 6 companies participates in a mission in Mexico

In March 3-7, a group of representatives of six Brazilian companies participates in a mission to a destination full of opportunities: Mexico.

The business trip agenda includes several meetings with local investors, as well as the participation in the 43rd edition of the Franchise International Fair (Feria Internacional de Franquicias).

The initiative is supported by Franchising Brasil – a partnership between the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) and the Brazilian Association of Franchising (ABF).

The Brazilian team, composed of companies BIBI, Sobrancelhas Design, Sterna Café, Mr. Cheney, Maple Bear and Morana, will start its journey with a program including B2B meetings and technical visits, which are supported by the Embassy of Brazil in Mexico.

In March 3, the companies will visit the Centro Santa Fe shopping mall and the Smart Fit office in that country, and they also have a kick-off meeting scheduled with the Mexican Franchise Association.

On Wednesday, March 4, at the Embassy of Brazil, the delegation will participate in a seminar for the presentation of the principal aspects of the Mexican market, and attend the presentation given by the main department store chain of that country, Palacio de Hierro.

In the afternoon, the mission promotes a business meeting between Mexico and Brazil so that entrepreneurs can share experiences and identify business opportunities.

From March 5 to 7, the group is going to participate in FIF Mexico, where Franchising Brasil will make available a 36-square-meter stand for Brazilian companies to promote their brands.

The event brings together approximately 40 thousand people and over one thousand brands annually during its three days of duration, and it is deemed as one of the most important events in such industry in Latin America.

The previous edition generated $120 million Mexican pesos in trades for the 380 exhibitors participating at that time.

“Based on the data from a study carried out for the program, franchises grew 9.8% in Mexico in 2018, in comparison with 2017.

Today, such sector accounts for 6% of the Mexican economy.

That’s why this mission is so important. Participants will make connections with investors from a market that is growing at full speed and searching for new brands”, explains Bruno Amado, Executive Manager of Franchising Brasil.

BIBI, a Brazilian giant in the children’s footwear industry, intends to win the Latin American market in the following years – that’s why the company joined the delegation.

“We currently export to approximately 70 countries, and we intend to expand our brand in such places”, stated Bruno Borges, company’s representative.

To Mr. Cheney, the cookie-selling company, participating in FIF is a strategic part of their internationalization process.

“Our purpose in this first contact is to meet future suppliers and investors (master franchisees) in order to introduce the brand in the country, allowing us to open stores there in the following years”, says Agenor Mello, company’s representative for the fair. In addition to the Latin country, Mr. Cheney is also targeting Portugal.

Another company taking its first steps on the internationalization path during the mission is Sterna Café. Rogério Feijó, representative of the brand, says their expectations are high, since Mexico has an interesting potential market and is a great producer and consumer of coffee.

“Although it is a very competitive market, Sterna’s concept will probably attract investors.”

Feijó adds that the brand is also targeting other countries, such as Portugal, Paraguay, Peru and the United States. Learn more about the brands participating in the mission:


Operating in the children’s footwear sector for over 70 years, BIBI currently has two manufacturing units: in Parobé (Rio Grande do Sul) and Cruz das Almas (Bahia).

The brand has franchisees in all parts of Brazil.

Maple Bear

Maple Bear is dedicated to Canadian bilingual education and today it has over 300 units in 16 countries around the world, including Preschool, Elementary School and High School.

The brand bases are imagination, critical thinking, multiculturalism and integration between people and subjects.


Morana was created in 2002 as a reformulation of Poppy Art and was introduced during the ABF Franchising Expo.

Having a significant amount of its products imported from Korea, the company’s purpose is to offer fine costume jewelry to women, and its stores can be found throughout Brazil.

Mr. Cheney

The company was created in 2005 by the couple formed of Brazilians Lindolfo and Elida, who has learned the secrets of making good cookies from American Jay Cheney.

The first store was opened in São Paulo, and today the company has units in all parts of Brazil.

Sobrancelhas Design

Present in several States of Brazil, the purpose of Sobrancelhas Design is to offer an exclusive technique able to create the ideal design of eyebrows to highlight the natural beauty and features of each face.

Sterna Café

The concept of Sterna Café came from trips its founders took around the world, visiting over 60 countries, trying new flavors and living their cultures.

The result is a mix of references in a nice environment that offers a unique coffee experience to consumers.

The company was created in 2015 and already has several franchisees in Brazil.