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Trends in Franchising: see the latest IFA 2017 news

Trends in Franchising: see the latest IFA 2017 news
Daniel Levine: “We are experiencing a crisis of confidence”

Daniel Levine, a global trends specialist, required writer and lecturer, spoke of trends that will change business, with an emphasis on the franchising market.

With technological and social changes – increasingly fast and intense – keeping up with trends has become a matter of life and death for companies. The mission of ABF to the IFA Convention 2017 has panned dozens of lectures and brings here a summary of what more interesting accompanied in this area.

The first trend is that “we are experiencing a crisis of confidence” and it is not only in the political field, covering institutions, relationships and the own dynamics of consumption. Apart from the news, evidence that the speaker presented was the increasingly common practice of ‘ranking’ companies, services, providers and even clients.

The second is “politics set aside, the emergence of green values” or sustainable values. Although the aversion to traditional politics is growing – see the success of “out-of-the-system” candidates – the incorporation of sustainable values deepens across society with great business impact.

The third is “everyone wants everything fast and simple”. It is the well-known and widespread lack of time of people. “Although not easy, we need to embrace this and take advantage from this trend. Look at the examples of Appel, Google and Amazon that have revolutionized their markets by simplifying the lives of consumers”, said Daniel Levine, who completed “in its business, identify where the pain (or dissatisfaction) points are, and look to work on them now”.

The fourth is “the world is moving towards smart technology”, reflected mainly in Internet technology of things (IoT) and wearable devices. See the profusion of smart clocks, houses, cars and even socks and helmets, with the cell phone often as great control.

The fifth, and perhaps one of the most franchising-related trends, is that “we all want to make connections” with customers, franchisees, suppliers, prospects, and other stakeholders. In addition to social networks, which greatly favor this contact, businesses are already emerging as a cafe that interviews clients and introduces them to others with similar interests and even a taxi driver who is also a psychologist.

After these macro trends, Levine pointed to specific technologies that are on the rise, such as voice control, the expansion of video usage (live, 360 °, etc.), the use of chat bots to serve the public online and a greater use of augmented reality in marketing products and actions. The expert pointed out that franchises generally meet many of these trends, but the assessment of business against these criteria should be performed in order to improve operations and seek new opportunities, even if you do not have money to invest. According to him, the important thing is to be tuned in and go investing and adapting gradually.

Franchising adaptation

Another panel has focused more directly on our sector. Experts pointed out that regardless of size, private equity funds should expand their efforts to strengthen or expand the business of both franchising and multi-franchisee networks. As in Brazil, the prospect of growth in the franchise market in the United States and in the world remains, although regulatory challenges in some countries are present. The international expansion of the networks plays an important role in this movement, as well as the performance of multi-franchisees, a model that should start to attract more and more networks of franchises. One segment targeted as on the rise is the physician, with the emergence of new brands and partnerships. Finally, as we have seen, investments in technology are another strong trend, both to develop the efficiency of the operation and to meet the above mentioned movements.

All the insights brought by the ABF Group of this and other lectures of the Convention will be detailed in the Post-IFA ABF, scheduled for next 02/16 in São Paulo, at the Santander Auditorium. Sign up now! The event is free for members and places are limited.

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