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Opportunities and challenges under discussion at the 4th ABF International Franchising Congress

Opportunities and challenges under discussion at the 4th ABF International Franchising Congress
(From the left) Altino Cristofoletti Jr. (Brazil), José Roberto Fernández (Guatemala), Daniel Gavilan (Paraguay), Paulo Antunes (Portugal), Lucas Secades (Argentina), Julio Beleki (Mexico) and Marcel Burgos (Uruguay)

June 28, 2018

Debuting on the agenda of ABF Franchising Week, the International Franchising Congress, in its fourth edition, debated on Thursday morning (June 28) opportunities and challenges that globally involve the sector. Altino Cristofoletti Junior, president of the entity, welcomed everyone and presented an overview of the process for internationalization of franchises made in Brazil. According to ABF data, there are 142 national networks operating in 100 countries.

The internationalization of brands made in Brazil was analyzed by Thelma Rodrigues, a professor at the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM). The subject is addressed in the collection of books published biennially since 2010, the result of a partnership between ABF and ESPM. Under the theme “brand”, the fifth edition of the so-called “green book” entitled A internacionalização das franquias brasileiras [The internationalization of Brazilian franchises] will be announced in October during the ABF Franchising Convention.

The teacher detailed the lessons learned in each of the studies. Among the expert’s main recommendations for networks are: consider operating abroad, as competition will increase in Brazil; plan their international performance, have a structure that allows them to grow and invest in people.

Israel: “The nation of startups”

The lessons we can learn from Israel, “the nation of startups,” were presented by Luciana Detoni, director of business development at the Israeli Consulate. The country has a creative culture and entrepreneurial ADN, it is the world’s number one in innovation capability, startup density per capita and total spending on planning and development (P&D) and the second one in venture capital management.

According to Luciana, among the main characteristics of the Israelis, the “chutzpah”, the boldness, stands out. “The phrase ‘mission given, mission accomplished’ is in the mindset [mentality] of the Israelis,” she said. This Israeli mindset explains, for example, the creation of 1,000 startups per year.

The lack of natural resources and the hardships of a desert country are no problem for Israel, where 80% of drinking water is desalinated. According to Luciana, the Israeli entrepreneur clings to solutions, not to problems. And faced with the limitations of a small country with a small domestic market, Israelis create solutions to be used not in Israel but in the world.

Ibero-American franchise

A panel on the main challenges and opportunities in Ibero-American franchising brought together industry leaders, members of the Ibero-American Franchise Federation (FIAF).

Participating were Lucas Secades (Argentina), José Roberto Fernández (Guatemala), Julio Beleki (Mexico), Daniel Gavilan (Paraguay), Paulo Antunes (Portugal) and Marcel Burgos (Uruguay). Under the moderation of Altino Cristofoletti Junior, representative of Brazil, they detailed the environment and the business opportunities in their countries. Mexican Diego Elizarrarás, General Secretary of FIAF, spoke about the entity’s trajectory and its role in representing the Ibero-American franchise system.

By the occasion of the ABF Franchising Week, Brazil hosted the second FIAF meeting of the year, held on Thursday.

Photos: Keiny Andrade